At Hot Watt Energy, we refer to Engineered Savings as a Measurable & Verifiable energy reduction solution.  In simple terms:

  1. We collect current system specifications
  2. Specify energy saving post measures based upon experience
  3. Run energy savings analysis (engineering formulas) and cost out the project
  4. Work with your utility’s incentive program administrator’s engineers to verify predicted savings
  5. Perform data collection (Measurement & Verification) with data logging devices to document the existing system’s electrical consumption, run-times, and other useful information like humidity, temperatures, pressures, etc.; typically 1-2 weeks in duration
  6. After installation of energy reduction equipment, we perform another 1-2 weeks of data collection to calculate and verify that savings and payback are real, and match the predicted savings.

These procedures remove the barriers of our customers and utilities who may not fully understand how savings are derived, or if the proposed energy reduction is accurate.