About Us

At HotWattEnergy, we help transform businesses through the profitability of energy management

Our Mission


HWE’s mission is to educate our customers and streamline turnkey energy management solutions that reduce businesses’ operating expenses, lower maintenance and increase profitability, thus positively transforming businesses.

Our promise in business is to treat all people who we touch with respect and dignity, generate revenue into the national economy and support local, regional and national businesses. 

Our promise to the planet is to be efficient in every aspect of our business and processes, and our own personal live, to help create a more sustainable environment for future generations.


Our Business Ethics

Core Values

  1.     We operate with impeccability
  2.     We strive for efficiency in everything we do
  3.     We make profitability fun

Three Uniques

  1.     Low risk high return investments using current operating budget
  2.     Focus on Food & Beverage Industries
  3.     Excellence in turnkey project management

Proven Process: Shared Savings Energy Services Program

Guarantee: We guarantee energy cost savings, and stand behind our solutions

Company Goals and Objectives
Our number one goal is to be the most honest, recognized, and referred energy services company in our industry. We aim to have a loyal customer following, an extremely high customer satisfaction rating, and create trusting relationships with everyone we do business with.

Business Philosophy
Create profits through doing good by businesses and the environment, and maintain long lasting relationships.

A Little History

The Verbrugghe family has worked together for nearly 40 years to make HotWattEnergy what it is today.  Our legacy began with solar thermal, solar hot water, passive solar and energy efficient buildings, in the early 1980s. The culmination of years of experience in the energy and construction industries allow us to achieve predictable results with perfection.



Energy as a Service Company

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Get In Touch

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