Around 90% of existing cold storage facilities in the U.S. have inefficient refrigeration systems.
Refrigeration consumes roughly 50% of the electric bill in these facilities.
Typical electricity cost savings can be between 10-30%, with ROIs from 1-3 years.


Evaporator fans motors are generally Permanent Split Capacitor or 3 Phase motors.  Both are inefficient technologies that were developed over 50 years ago, and consume massive amounts of electricity. Those motors typically run at high speed 24/7/365, pouring heat as wasted energy into refrigerated spaces which makes compressors run more often to remove the heat which is a very counterproductive cycle.


Since there is such a large cost to operating refrigerated spaces, and there is a great deal of waste in most systems, businesses pay an excess of electricity to their provider year after year after year.  It is common for a refrigerated warehouse to being paying double the amount of annual energy costs than they could be.  Inefficient evaporator fan motors also cause extra wear and tear on compressors and condensing units, which increases life-cycle maintenance costs.  Lastly, a warehouse full of evaporator fans running at high speed all of the time causes a drastic increase in noise levels which not only reduce workplace safety, but decrease employee productivity and morale over time.


Replace all inefficient evaporator fan motors with 2 speed or variable speed Electronically Commutated Direct Current motors.  Add a control device to each evaporator to control the fan motors in that evaporator.  Install a sensing unit to tell the controller when the compressor duty cycle is on and refrigerant is flowing through the evaporator so the new high efficiency fans run at high speed, and at low speed when the compressor duty cycle is off.



Our S.M.A.R.T. CEW turnkey process is to Save, Measure, Analyze, Replace and Transform.  Here’s how:

  • Collect existing motor data and electric bills from customer
  • Design an energy efficient motor and controls upgrade for the existing evaporators
  • Run energy calculations to identify the Investment, cost savings and Payback and create proposal
  • Work with utility provider engineers to verify savings and secure available utility incentives for project
  • Installation and on-site Project Management to oversee project, including pre and post data logging
  • Reconcile project to include data logging savings analysis, and available utility incentive


To start, schedule a 30 minute discussion with one of our Energy Analysts to determine if what we do is a fit for your facility.  We require very little information to create a proposal that will include:

  1. the Investment/Payback model
  2. the amount of wasted energy
  3. the annual cost savings
  4. utility incentives that may be available

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