The Best In The Country

Right now, Entergy is incentivizing efficiency projects like never before in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Typically, utilities in other parts of the US pay around 30% of efficiency projects, but Entergy made the smart move by making their incentives scaled, customized, and aggressive. Paying between 45-75% of project costs means that Arkansas has some of the best incentives in the country right now.


Percent of Project Paid for by Incentive

  • Low Range – Paybacks 12-18 Months 45% 45%
  • High Range – Paybacks 9-15 Months 75% 75%

Years In The Making

For years, you’ve been paying a small rider on your utility bill. Those tiny contributions have added to a group of funds that are now available in the Entergy service area. Entergy knew that eventually, they would have to decrease the demand on the power grid, so they planned these incentives to take effect for their customers in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Don’t Miss Out

These incentives that help pay for projects only exist for a limited time, and a select amount of funds are made available each year. The incentives are so reliable that last year all of the 2018 funding was used by companies to jumpstart projects. These funds will expire, so it’s important to find out now if efficiency projects can help your business save. 


What Does 25% Mean to You?

All of our customers cut between 20-30% off their electric bill. Because of Entergy’s aggressive incentives, you could see those savings go into your pocket in about one year. For most of our customers, 25% off their utility bill means new funding for improvement projects. It means thousands in extra capital every month. It means added revenue without the stress of increasing sales.

Entergy’s innovative incentive program allows Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana customers see their savings sooner.

“We’ve seen an average of 23% savings in our overall electric bill, with the spring months over 30%. It’s really quiet in the warehouse now, almost eerie at first.”

Nick Tuberville

Operations Manager

Arkansas Beverage

What We Do

We make your refrigeration run the way it’s supposed to run. Most evaporator fans remain at high speed way too long, many of them 100% of the time. We retrofit with high-efficiency motors paired with a control unit that tell the fans when to operate. Our technology also integrates with a variety of other control systems. 

Your refrigeration system will still work the same way it does now, but we optimize your fans to maximize savings. As a trade Ally with Entergy Solutions, all of our technology and savings are proven with Entergy.


Let’s Talk About You

Because funds are limited, it’s important that we talk about your facility now to ensure that you get the most incentive. After we learn more about your facility, we can determine the best route for you.

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