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As we develop our strategies to help you reduce waste within our customers’ facilities and improve profitability, EnergyStar can be a useful tool to determine your buildings efficiency, and…

Are you looking for ways to add value to your properties or make your business more profitable? You might be ready to distinguish your organization as a leader in protecting the environment. Or just maybe, you’re just looking to save energy and money.  Energy costs are rising and are not likely to drop. While new technologies and renewable energy sources are gaining in popularity, energy efficiency remains the easiest — and single most cost-effective — way to cut energy use. The most energy-efficient buildings in America —  those that have earned EPA’s ENERGY STAR — use 35 percent less energy than typical buildings, all without trade-offs in performance or comfort.   EnergyStar website https://www.energystar.gov

It doesn’t take a lot of money to start saving energy. First, make a commitment, benchmark your energy performance, and create a plan — all with no capital investment needed. Next, start with the no- and low-cost opportunities. Capture those wasted energy dollars and use them to finance more low-cost improvements. Keep saving, keep improving. When you’re ready, you can point to the value of good energy management and secure the capital you need for bigger projects.  EnergyStar website https://www.energystar.gov

Our #1 goal is to increase our customers profitability and building performance, and allow them to showcase their efforts.  Becoming an EnergyStar Energy Service and Product Provider (SPP) means we are recognized to easily rate the energy performance of any facility. Through the process of benchmarking our customers’ facilities, we are working towards obtaining our Energy Service and Product Provider partnership with EnergyStar.  To learn more about our process visit https://www.energystar.gov/buildings/service-providers/service-and-product-providers