an ameren illinois industrial refrigeration retro-commissioning registered service provider

We are honored to be an approved RSP with Ameren Illinois, and pleased to offer our Energy Engineering and Retro-Commissioning Services to help you optimize and more easily maintain your refrigeration system.

HotWattEnergy is a registered Program Ally of the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program

Ameren Illinois Registered Program Ally

What is a Industrial Refrigeration Retro-Commissioning (IR RCx) Service Provider (RSP)

  • An RSP is a firm selected by Ameren Illinois to provide support to Industrial Refrigeration customers in the delivery of the Ameren IR RCx program
  • A firm selected based on skills/experience in working with industrial refrigeration systems

What is the RCx program and how does it work?

We have a streamlined process to simply and easily help determine inefficiencies and remedy the issues at nearly no cost to you.

  • This program is an excellent opportunity to have a Qualified Energy Engineer survey and inspect the efficiency level of your Refrigeration system
  • Industrial Refrigeration Retro Commissioning incentives can defray 90% of the discovery phase cost for tune-up projects that have a simple payback period of up to one year.
  • These projects are typically no-cost and low-cost energy efficiency measures that qualify for Industrial Refrigeration

There are 3 basic phases to the program:

  1. The Approval Phase – this includes a virtual walk through and Q&A to identify operational savings opportunities, our application to     Ameren Illinois and their pre-approval that pays for up to 90% of survey costs for the Retro Commissioning study.
  2. Survey Phaseone of our Energy Engineers will assess your Refrigeration system in great detail to determine where the cost savings     are. 
  3. Implementation & Verification Phasewe implement low or no-cost measures with paybacks under one year to optimize your system. 

Phase 3 measures typically pay for the remaining 10% of the study so that the entire cost of the Retro-Commissioning study as well as the simple yet effective system adjustments are covered by the program.

Summary of Benefits – your Refrigeration system gets optimized to reduce operational expenses and maintenance, you walk away with a list of energy projects for your facility, and you can use our Shared Energy Savings program to implement and pay for them.


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